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Meet the Team

Brad Kent

Brad Kemp, Registered Massage Therapist

Brad Kemp | Registered Massage Therapist

Brad graduated with distinction from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2015 and is a member of the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS). His treatments range from relaxation to deep tissue massage, incorporating both traditional hands on massage and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM).

He focuses on relaxing tight aching muscles and excels with reducing tension headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome, and tendinosis issues, to name a few.

Brad enjoys remaining active whether it be at the gym or taking his dog for runs in the park. During the warmer months, Brad is also an avid fire poi spinner, enjoying both teaching it and performing for different events in and around Saskatoon.

He was captivated in 2008 by the level of full body awareness and muscle memory it required and hasn’t been able to put them down since.


Rhoda Korpan, Registered Massage Therapist

Rhoda Korpan | Registered Massage Therapist

Rhoda has always believed in a natural approach to health care, so massage therapy was a natural career choice.

She recently completed one of her long-term goals when she graduated from the McKay Massage and Hydrotherapy program in 2018. She is now a registered massage therapist with the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS).

Rhoda currently incorporates traditional Swedish massage, joint play, trigger point therapy, and myofascial therapy into her treatments. One of her passions is pre-natal massage. She is excited to continue expanding her tool chest of treatment techniques.

In her spare time Rhoda is an avid hockey mom who enjoys cooking, sewing, and spending time with family (and goats!) at the farm.

Corey Schultz, RMT

Corey Schultz, Registered Massage Therapist

Corey Schultz | Registered Massage Therapist

Corey graduated from McKay Career Training’s Massage and Hydrotherapy Program in 2014 and is a member, and on the board of directors for the Massage Therapists Association of Saskatchewan. He got into the profession of massage therapy to help people deal with their acute conditions, then help them discover things they can do to keep themselves at an optimum state of health.

Corey focuses on combining a bit of everything he has learned and applying to each particular treatment as needed. He uses a bit of myofascial release, dermoneuromodulation, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy and joint play. How injuries are caused, the physiology of them, and how to recover from them to a stronger state than before are of great interest to him.

In his spare time Corey enjoys playing video games, playing with his cats (Garfield and Swift), and practicing HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts, a type of fencing).

Ginee Tran, RMT

Ginee Tran, Registered Massage Therapist

Ginee Tran | Registered Massage Therapist

Ginee graduated with distinction from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy and is a member of the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS). His passion for massage therapy comes from his desire to help people achieve a more ideal state of physical health. His treatments include both relaxation and therapeutic massages, but he specializes in the therapeutic side.

Ginee strives to work alongside the patient’s natural breathing patterns, as well as use deep tissue massage, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, myofascial therapy, and joint play, to allow their tension filled muscles and nervous system to relax. He also looks forward to adding more modalities to his repertoire. Ginee also has a passion for fitness so the gym is a place he’s very comfortable with, but playing badminton from time to time with friends is also something he really enjoys!

Heather Kosloski, RMT

Heather Kosloski, Registered Massage Therapist

Heather Kosloski | Registered Massage Therapist

Heather graduated with distinction from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy and is a member of The Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS).

Her treatments include relaxation, therapeutic and Swedish massage. She is excited to continue her education and expanding into more modalities and techniques.

Heather loves spending time with her partner and their three dogs, taking them hiking, camping or just to the dog park. She also enjoys aerial classes, reading and baking.

Wynand Kemp, RMT

Wynand Kemp, Registered Massage Therapist

Wynand Kemp | Registered Massage Therapist

Wynand (pronounced “Vane” for short), originates from South Africa and is bilingual, speaking both fluent English and Afrikaans. He has been in Canada since 2014, and graduated with distinction from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy(PIMT). He is also a registered member of the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan(MTAS). Wyn likes to incorporate a combination of Swedish massage and passive stretching techniques with light joint play. He’s an advocate for providing patients with personalized homecare to continue progress between treatments.

Wynand practiced environmental management back in South Africa before coming to Canada, where he pursued environmental reclamation and bee keeping. Discovering his passion to help people, Wyn now enjoys the growth and human interaction offered by being a registered massage therapist. When he’s not taking care of his people or his bees, Wyn also takes great joy in oil painting, music, and physical activity.

Minsoo Kim | Acupuncturist

Minsoo Kim

Minsoo Kim, Acupuncturist

Minsoo graduated in 2016 from the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Post graduation he travelled to China for a year internship at the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he received his Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Degree. His time in China was spent working at a hospital, interning with various doctors of different specialties and learning how Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine can be combined.

Minsoo uses Acupuncture, Acu-pressure (Tuina), Chinese Herbal Medicine, Cupping and dietary recommendations to help patients reach their optimal health. He treats patients with headache, shoulder pain, lower back pain and sciatic pain.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading and spending time with his friends.

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